MOR Hydration is a delicious, essential mineral-based flavor water enhancer that is added to daily drinking water and can be consumed throughout the day.

Whether you are an accountant, plumber, athlete, or schoolteacher, MOR was designed for YOU! The mineral component was added to this product to help with the hydration of the body. The amount of minerals (electrolytes) added to MOR are consistent with basic mineral water and not "over the top" sports drinks where sodium tends to be excessively high. MOR does not have an unnecessarily large amount of sodium, so excessive water retention can be avoided.

MOR was designed to be consumed during the day, every day, to help address the chronic dehydration that many people experience.  It has been reported that up to 75% of people in the United States are not drinking an adequate amount of fluid on a daily basis. Chronic, inadequate fluid intake can lead to many undesirable health problems and physical symptoms.

Over the years, Christopher Tuttle has worked in hospital settings as a Clinical Registered Dietitian, as well as in private practice working with clients who suffer from nutrition related illnesses.  He specializes in nutritional strategies which address sports performance, weight loss, and preparation for bodybuilding competitions.  Throughout Chris's career, he realized that dehydration was a factor in many health issues.  Stool irregularity, constipation, fatigue, poor physical performance, and excessive hunger are only a few of these issues. When people try to remedy these issues with over-the-counter medications, energy drinks, and excessive coffee intake, it can lead to a high consumption of sugar and sodium beverages, high calorie intake, and undesired weight gain.

After years of watching clients experience the negative results of dehydration, Chris decided to create a delicious tasting water enhancer fortified with essential minerals, which would encourage adequate water consumption and aid in hydration.  MOR Hydration was born!


The average fluid requirements are 2.7 liters for females and 3.7 liters for males, which includes water from food as well as actual fluid consumption. This is an average or a guideline; many factors can impact fluid consumption and more may be required. The most frequent complaint about drinking water is the lack of flavor. Water is bland and can be very challenging to consume in adequate amounts. In a world where flavored beverages such as sports drinks, soda, juices, and other powdered mixes with sodium dominate the market, it is difficult to drink enough without consuming sugar and salt. Furthermore, these beverages were never intended to be consumed in excess.  It is hoped that since flavor goes a long way with the majority of people, that if people enjoy what they are drinking and are happy with the health benefits, they will want to and be able to drink more fluids. Ultimately, this was the main motivation for the development of MOR!